What your broker doesn't want you to know
This website came about in response to an article published in San Francisco magazine, “The Best Investment Advice You’ll Never Get.” The article describes the rise of index investing. As Aperio Group LLC was mentioned in the article, they received a flood of inquiries from frustrated consumers clamoring for unbiased investment advice.

Since Aperio isn’t seeking wealth management clients, TransparentInvesting.com was born as a way to provide pro-consumer advice. Created by Patrick Geddes (Aperio's Chief Investment Officer) this site aims to empower investors of all wealth levels to avoid getting duped by hidden fees and unjustified claims. Consider it a form of inoculation against the worst sales pitches in the investment industry!

10 Easy Steps to Deceptively Simple Investing

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Neither Patrick Geddes nor Aperio Group, LLC is seeking wealth management clients.  See pages 33-35 in The Full Story for advice on finding an advisor.  Please do not contact Patrick Geddes or the Aperio Group for wealth management investment advice.